Petrobras – Settlement of Tax Contingency

Petrobras – Settlement of Tax Contingency 08/06/2015 Rio de Janeiro, August 6, 2015 – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras hereby announces that, due to the publication of Joint Ordinance RFB/PGFN n. 1064 and Regulatory Instruction 1576 on August 3, 2015, decided to include in said program the processes […]

Oil’s $4.4 Trillion Hole

It rankles when you lose $20. But hey, at least it isn’t $4.4 trillion. That is roughly how much revenue the world’s oil producers will forego over the next three years, based on the current outlook for prices and demand, relative to what was expected just a year […]

Downgrade fears rattle Brazil credits

Brazilian debt prices took another sharp leg down on Thursday as fears intensified that the sovereign will be demoted to junk-rated territory. Faith in Brazil’s ability to get its fiscal house in order is fading as the popularity of President Dilma Rousseff plummets in the polls and Congress […]