Hitachi Energy Secures Deal for Two Swedish Offshore Wind Farms

(OW) OX2 and Ingka Investments have signed their third conditional agreement with a supplier for two of their offshore wind projects in Sweden, Triton and Galene, this time with Hitachi Energy for high-voltage equipment and systems, and power quality solutions for two onshore substations and up to eight offshore substations.

The two project owners are developing three offshore wind farms in Sweden together: Galene on the west coast, Triton, in the south of Sweden, and Aurora, between the islands of Gotland and Öland.

The final decision on permissions to build the wind farms lies with the government, which has already given the go-ahead for the 400 MW Galene.

The developers will sign firm contracts with the suppliers after all permits have been obtained.

Along with Hitachi Energy, OX2 and Ingka Investments have signed up two more suppliers for the two projects so far.

In April, the partners entered a conditional agreement with EEW Special Pipe Constructions (SPC) for the delivery of monopile foundations for two of the offshore wind farms and with NKT for the delivery and installation of export power cables the following month.

The 400 MW Galene, the northern part of the 1.7 GW Galatea-Galene project, will comprise up to 21 wind turbines and the 1.8 GW Triton is planned to have up to 129 wind turbines. If built to full capacity, the Triton offshore wind farm would produce 7.5 TWh of electricity per year, enough to meet the needs of around 1.5 million households, according to OX2.

Together with the Aurora project, planned to comprise up to 370 wind turbines and have a capacity of 5.5 GW, the three offshore wind farms could produce more than 30 TWh of electricity annually, according to OX2.

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