Brazil well demand back in 2019

August 09, 2018 BE Petroleo presents Petrobras estimates for offshore drilling and completion operations Petrobras’ demand for offshore wells is expected to grow again in 2019 after four years of decline. According to company estimates to which BE Petróleo had access, 47 wells to be drilled and the […]

Petrobras develops a compact ROV

07/08/18 Equipment promises greater flexibility and availability than current models By the Editor Petrobras has developed, in partnership with the French company Eca Hytec, a compact prototype ROV (remote operated vehicle) that promises greater flexibility, reaching more complex places and able to work in severe sea conditions. The […]

Change in Repetro favors imports

  08/03/2018. The 42.7% import growth in July was boosted by the nationalization of oil rigs after the government announced changes to the industry’s tax rules. In July, there was a change in Repetro that allows a tax benefit for assets used in oil exploration held in Brazil. […]