Tugdock and Salamander Offshore Wind Team Up to Accelerate Floating Wind Energy Development

(OE) UK-based company Tugdock has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Salamander floating offshore wind farm to collaborate on innovation for floating offshore wind energy in Scotland. Tugdock, based in Cornwall, UK, has patented marine buoyancy technology that enables heavy marine structures to be built or assembled and loaded-out in ports with water depth or... Continue Reading →

Wind Power Industry Drifts Off Course

(Reuters) A perfect storm of supply chain delays, design flaws, and higher costs in the offshore wind industry has put dozens of projects at risk of not being delivered in time for countries to meet climate goals, industry executives, investors, and analysts said. The race to reduce reliance on fossil fuels is putting pressure on... Continue Reading →

Floating Platforms of the Future: WES Explores Shared Infrastructure for Wave Energy, Offshore Wind

Wave Energy Scotland (WES), a subsidiary of Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), is running tests at the University of Edinburgh’s FloWave facility, to determine the potential for floating platforms that can be used by both offshore wind and wave energy devices. The move has been prompted by a report by Offshore Wind Consultants (OWC) exploring the synergies... Continue Reading →

New Partnership to Extract Rare Earth Magnets from Retired Wind Turbines for Use in New Ones

(WO)Sustainable materials specialist, EMR, rare earth magnetic materials recycling company, HyProMag, Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, Magnomatics, and the University of Birmingham have formed a partnership which will focus on extracting the rare earth magnets from end-of-life wind turbines and enabling their use in new wind turbines, both onshore and offshore. Named Re-Rewind, the partnership,... Continue Reading →

Two firms embark on merger quest to create ‘formidable force’ in offshore energy market intelligence

(OET) Aberdeen-based Archer Knight (Holdings) Limited has revealed a merger deal to acquire Singapore’s Energy Maritime Associates (EMA), which will enable both players to redefine their position in the offshore energy market intelligence landscape while paving the way for an expanded employment plan. This merger, which combines two specialist offshore energy advisory firms with distinct... Continue Reading →

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