ANP approves geoeconomic studies of three blocks in the Pre-Salt for possible inclusion in future rounds

The ANP Board approved the geological and economic studies of three exploratory blocks, located in the Santos Basin Pre-Salt, for possible inclusion in future rounds of bidding for areas for exploration and production of oil and natural gas .

With approval by the ANP, the Amazonita, Safira Leste and Safira Oeste blocks will now be forwarded to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) to analyze the feasibility of inclusion in future rounds. It is up to the MME to propose to the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) the definition of the blocks that may be the subject of production sharing bidding rounds and the parameters to be adopted.

The total area of the three blocks is approximately 11,300 km² and their oil potential was estimated considering an in place volume of 16.8 billion barrels of oil equivalent. The estimated total average risked volume is 3.6 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

The three blocks result from the area nomination process, which is the suggestion of an area, by any legal entity in the oil and natural gas industry, so that the ANP can study the possibility of offering it in a future bidding round. After this indication, the blocks underwent assessments by the ANP regarding oil potential, exploratory risk and economic analyses. These studies suggest the potential of the areas for exploration and production of natural gas and point to the existence of effective support conditions for technically and financially viable projects in the region.

Taking into account the geographical layout of the Pre-Salt Polygon, the studies were concentrated in the SS-AP1 and SS-AP2 sectors, currently classified as having high exploratory potential, and in the SS-AUP1 and SS-AUP2 sectors, which are associated with the new exploratory frontier model (see the Classification of Exploratory Models of Sedimentary Basins: geological-and-geophysical/classification-of-exploratory-models-of-the-sedimentary-basins).

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