IBAMA issues operating license for Petrobras Anita Garibaldi FPSO

(PN) The Brazilian Institute of the Environment (IBAMA) granted Petrobras the license to operate the Anita Garibaldi FPSO, which should begin its activities in the coming weeks.

The unit has the capacity to produce up to 80,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd) and process up to 7 million m³ of gas per day. FPSO Anita Garibaldi is part of the Marlim and Voador Revitalization Project. Petrobras’ idea is to connect the new platform to 43 wells, with peak production expected for 2026.

The Marlim Revitalization Project plans to replace the nine platforms currently operating in the Marlim and Voador fields (P-18, P-19, P-20, P-26, P-32, P-33, P-35, P- -37 and P-47) by the new FPSOs Anita Garibaldi and Anna Nery – the latter of which started production in May of this year.

Petrobras plans to allocate an amount of US$ 18 billion for the revitalization of the Campos Basin by 2027. Within this planning, projects such as the implementation of six new Stationary Production Units (UEPs) and the drilling of more than 200 additional wells are included .

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