PXGEO to start 4D seismic survey in the Sapinhoa field

(PN) Petrobras announced this week that it will start a 4D Nodes seismic survey in the Sapinhoá field, about 266 km from the municipality of Ilhabela (SP) and at a minimum depth of 2,000 meters. The monitoring phase of data acquisition in the field will be carried out by the company PXGEO.

The seismic survey activity consists of the use of equipment and analyzes so that information on oil and natural gas reservoirs can be obtained. To carry out these activities, seismic sources are used, equipment known as air guns, which emit sound waves, which penetrate the marine subsoil, are reflected and captured by receivers.

PXGEO may use the Subsea Viking or Siem Dorado vessel, for installing Nodes, and one of the following seismic source vessels: Hugin Explorer, M/V Vantage, M/V Sanco Sword or Artemis Odyssey.

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