World’s First 16MW Offshore Wind Turbine Installed Offshore China

(OE) China Three Gorges Corporation said Wednesday it had installed the world’s first 16MW offshore wind turbine, off the coast of Fujian, China.

The news was also confirmed by the wind turbine maker Goldwind, which said: “On June 28, Goldwind successfully hoisted the GWH252-16MW offshore wind turbine in Pingtan, China. 

The turbine, which set the record for the world’s largest single-unit capacity, biggest impeller diameter, and lightest weight per MW, is yet another proof of Goldwind’s industry-leading position in manufacturing and innovative capabilities.”

According to available information, one GWH252-16MW offshore wind turbine can produce more than 66 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

The Three Gorges Group’s “Baihetan” jack-up installation vessel was responsible for the hoisting task.

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