Partnership Launched to Boost Efficiency and Lower Emissions from FPSOs

(OE) Oilfield services firm SLB, Rockwell Automation, Sensia, and Cognite on Monday announced a collaboration that they say will “accelerate the evolution” of the offshore industry’s floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities. 

According to a press statement issued by SLB, until recently known as Schlumberger, digital capabilities developed by the four-company coalition will improve the reliability, availability, safety, and efficiency of FPSOs and lower the carbon footprint of their offshore operations. 

“Global energy demand continues to increase, and every part of the value chain is evolving to improve production and reduce emissions,” said Steve Gassen, president of Production Systems, SLB. 

“As digital performance integrators, the power of this coalition comes from our collective knowledge, expertise, and belief that open collaboration will accelerate innovation and decarbonization. SLB will bring advanced digital solutions, subsurface domain expertise, and complex integration and project management capabilities to scale up efficiencies and lower the carbon footprint of operations across every stage of the FPSO life cycle.” 

The coalition, SLB said, integrates the entire data life cycle with targeted automation, analytics, simulation and visualization capabilities to enhance efficiencies in FPSO performance. This results in optimized equipment utilization and energy consumption, improved safety, reduced risks of equipment failure and unplanned downtime, plus better-informed strategic decision-making. 

“As the leading OEM module automation supplier, Rockwell brings to the coalition its expertise in control and safety systems for FPSOs, as well as extensive experience in power systems,” said Frank Kulaszewicz, senior vice president, Lifecycle Services, Rockwell Automation. 

“We’ll be complementing the advanced digital solution portfolio of the coalition, as well as bringing network and cybersecurity capabilities to the team.” 

Contract with Petrobras

SLB has been awarded a contract to develop and implement a control system and dynamic process simulation solution for Petrobras. 

“This strategic multipurpose dynamic simulation (MPDS) solution is being developed in partnership with Inprocess Technology and Consulting Group, a worldwide leader in MPDS, and Sensia, the leading control system and automation specialist in oil and gas,” SLB said.

“The MPDS solution will leverage SLB’s expertise as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and in offshore construction and operations to provide an immersive digital twin environment to dynamically simulate operational processes and their control and automation systems, train personnel, and strengthen safety elements at five new FPSO units to be installed in Búzios Field in the Santos Basin,” SLB said.

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