Framo’s Submerged Turbine Generates Electricity from Waste Cooling Water on FPSOs

Malaysia-based FPSO supplier Yinson Production has ordered a submerged turbine solution from Framo, for regenerating energy from the waste cooling water flowing from offshore installations.

Framo said Yinson was the first to opt for its technology, which will reduce Yinson’s carbon footprint, cut CO2 taxes, and enable increased gas exports.

“Offshore installations use huge volumes of seawater to cool their onboard operations. After use, this water is then dumped back into the sea. Since the height from the deck level to the sea level is significant, the force generated by this dumped water is considerable. The Framo Submerged Turbine utilizes this flow to generate electric power for use by the offshore facility, thereby reducing its gas fuel consumption. The testing of the Framo Submerged Turbine shows that we can generate about 20% to 30% of all power used lifting seawater to deck,” Framo said.

“As a result of this regenerated energy capability, emissions are reduced and the customer’s CO2 tax burden is eased. Furthermore, since the solution liberates gas that would otherwise be utilized for onboard energy production, there is additional gas available for sale, thus boosting revenues,” Framo added.

According to Framo, two 1 MW Framo Submerged Turbines on a mid-size offshore installation will produce the electricity equivalent to 1000 households (16000 kWh/household/yearly).

“This is a common-sense solution that has so many benefits for our company. We are determined to do everything possible to support a low-carbon, climate-resilient environment. By utilising this waste cooling water for energy production, we are making a positive contribution towards this ambition. Thank you Framo,” commented Lars Gunnar Vogt, Chief Technology Officer of YP.

“Although the Submerged Turbine was launched only recently, the response from offshore industry stakeholders has been very strong,” and we are delighted that YP has stepped up to place the initial order, and we expect others to follow very quickly. The technology provides an ingeniously simple way for saving money while improving the sustainability of their operations.” Sais Sigve Gjerstad, Director Offshore Pumping Systems of Framo.

The Framo Submerged Turbine is based on the design of the Framo SE pump. 

“The SE pump has, during the past four decades, become the preferred seawater lift pump for numerous offshore operators around the world.
The Submerged Turbine is suitable for both new projects and for retrofitting to existing facilities, regardless of the type of seawater lift pumps used,” Framo said.

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