Petrobras on Pricing Policy

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras reaffirms its commitment to the practice of competitive prices and in balance with the national market, while avoiding the immediate pass-through of external volatility and exchange rate caused by circumstantial events and confirms that it has received no proposal from the Ministry of Mines and Energy regarding the change in the Pricing Policy. Any proposals to change the Pricing Policy received from the controlling shareholder will be disclosed to the market in due course and conducted by the company’s usual internal governance mechanisms.

The company reiterates that product price adjustments are made in the normal course of its business, due to the continuous monitoring of the markets, which includes, among other procedures, the daily analysis of the behavior of our prices relative to international quotations, its market share, among other variables.

Facts deemed relevant on the subject will be timely disclosed to the market. 

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