Petrobras on the election of the new Executive Board

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, in addition to the material facts disclosed on 02/02/2023 and 02/17/2023, informs that its Board of Directors elected as of 03/29/2023, with term of office until 04/13/2025, the following members to the Executive Board:

  • Mr. Sergio Caetano Leite to the position of Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer;
  • Mr. Joelson Falcão Mendes to the position of Chief Exploration and Production Officer;
  • Mr. Carlos José do NascimentoTravassos to the position of Chief Production Development Officer;
  • Mr. Claudio Romeo Schlosser to the position of Chief Trading and Logistics Officer;
  • Mr. William França da Silva to the position of Chief Refining and Natural Gas Officer;
  • Ms. Clarice Coppetti to the position of Chief Institutional Relations and Sustainability Officer, and
  • Mr. Carlos Augusto Burgos Barreto to the position of Chief Digital Transformation and Innovation Officer.

The Board of Directors also re-elected the Company’s CEO, Mr. Jean Paul Prates, for a new mandate of two (2) years, until April 13, 2025.

The nominations were submitted to the internal corporate governance procedures, including the respective analyses of compliance and integrity required for the company’s succession process, which included the analysis of the People Committee and then deliberation by the Board of Director. 

To access the full document, click here.

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