Ocyan carries out the first stage of the Petrobras decommissioning project

(TN) Ocyan celebrates the successful completion of the first stage of the decommissioning project in a contract signed with Petrobras to operate in the Campos Basin. The vessel chartered with Solstad is already in the Port of Vitória (ES), where it will unload the first equipment removed from the seabed. Part of it will be delivered to Petrobras for reuse and the other portion will be disposed of, meeting legal requirements and following best ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices.

“We concluded the first stage successfully, maintaining the integrity of the collected material. The joint action of the engineering and operations teams greatly contributed to the result. This decommissioning activity represents a new moment for Ocyan, which continues to expand its area of operation in the field of underwater construction”, highlights André Luiz Magalhães, executive manager of Subsea Construction at Ocyan.

In this initial stage, more than 90 tons of equipment have already been collected. Among the materials are three MCVs (Vertical Connection Module), one PLEM (Pipeline End Manifold) and one PLET (Pipeline End Termination). According to the executive, all stages are being fulfilled according to the schedule. “The work has been carried out as planned – on schedule and in accordance with our analyses, risks and studies for this project”, he explains.

After this stage, the ship will start a campaign of cuts and inspections of the structures to be collected and will later return to the Mauá shipyard, in Niterói (RJ) to install the coils. Afterwards, it will proceed to work on collecting the pipelines in the regions where the FPSO Cidade do Rio de Janeiro and FPSO Cidade de Rio das Ostras operated, in the Campos Basin. In the second half of the year, in the Sergipe Alagoas Basin, the same work will be carried out in the FPSO Piranema area. André Luiz Magalhães also recalls that Ocyan will monitor the entire process of final disposal of the equipment, which is being collected.

“With the completion of placing the equipment on board, we are ready for the next phase, which is collecting the submarine pipelines. The estimate is of 14 to 15 months, with 18 trips between all routes to decommission and deliver the material to a base in Vitória, from where it will go to the final cleaning and proper disposal as planned”, he completes.

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