This Floating Wind Farm Could Power Major Offshore Platforms in Outer Moray Firth, UK

(OED) Flotation Energy and Vårgrønn have submitted a marine license application for the Green Volt floating offshore wind farm in the UK.

According to the companies, the consent application could allow the project to start generating power in the mid-2020s.

The two firms are applying for a lease for Green Volt under the Crown Estate Scotland’s Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) round, which aims to help decarbonize the oil and gas operations in the UK by powering the offshore platforms with renewable energy.

Located 80 km offshore from Peterhead, the Green Volt project envisions the use of up to 35 floating wind turbines to deliver 500 MW of electricity.

“This project has the potential to generate enough green power to electrify all major oil and gas platforms in the Outer Moray Firth area. The project will also deliver renewable electricity to consumers across the UK,” the companies said in a statement on Thursday.

The developers say that he project would dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas platforms, saving over a million tonnes of carbon each year.

Nicol Stephen, CEO of Flotation Energy said: “The Green Volt project will play a critical role in the electrification and decarbonization of offshore oil and gas platforms in Scotland. We have been actively developing the project since 2020 and this consent application is a major milestone. It keeps us on track to deliver renewable power to the oil and gas sector by 2026. 

If these projects are not delivering green electricity to offshore facilities by the mid-2020s there is a real risk they will never happen. The prize is a very big one.  The reduction in offshore carbon emissions will be enormous. As well as tackling climate change, the project will lead to billions of pounds of new investment and thousands of skilled jobs.” 

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