2022 saw higher offshore rig activity, Baker Hughes reports

Baker Hughes’ rig count report has revealed that the international offshore rig count experienced an increase of 30 units in 2022 compared to the figures from the year before.

The overall international rig count including both offshore and onshore rigs was up 66 rigs from the 2021 count of 834.

Source: Baker Hughes

According to the report, the international rig count in December was down ten rigs from November 2022, to 900, with land rigs down four to 684 and offshore rigs down six to 216.

The average U.S. rig count for December was 779 flat versus November 2022 and up 200 year-over-year.

The average Canada rig count for December was down 46 rigs from the last month’s count of 201 and up five year-over-year.

Baker Hughes reported that the worldwide rig count for December was 1,834, down 56 from the 1,890 counted in November 2022, and up 271, from the 1,563 counted in December 2021.

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