SSE Renewables Says 75% of Jacket Foundations Installed at Seagreen Wind Farm

SSE Renewables has informed that 75% of the jacket foundation substructures have been installed at the Seagreen offshore wind farm site. SSE Renewables is developing the wind farm in partnership with the French firm TotalEnergies.

“We’re celebrating a new milestone at Seagreen, our joint venture wind farm project with TotalEnergies. 75% of the jacket foundation substructures have now been installed. The three-legged jacket foundations each weigh approx. 2,000 tonnes and are being installed in depths up to 58m off the Angus coast,” SSE Renewables said in a social media post.

Once completed, the wind farm will consist of 114 Vestas 10.0 MW offshore wind turbines, making Seagreen Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm.

According to SSE Renewables, the wind farm will be able to generate around 5,000 GWh of electricity per year, enough to power more than 1.6 million UK households.

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