Offshore Wind: CrossWind Taps KBR for Energy Storage Project

KBR has won a contract to provide engineering services for an offshore energy storage project for CrossWind, a joint venture (JV) between Shell and Dutch utility company, Eneco.

KBR will perform a front-end engineering design of the baseload power hub (BLPH) for the Hollandse Kust (north) wind farm located offshore the Netherlands.

“KBR and Shell will design and develop facilities that integrate lithium-ion battery storage and green hydrogen electrolysis production at megawatt scale,” KBR said.

The design will enable hydrogen production and electricity storage in periods of high-power production and will convert hydrogen to electricity, via a fuel cell, during periods of lower power production.

“KBR is extremely pleased to be involved in this sustainable energy project,” said Jay Ibrahim, president of KBR Sustainable Technology Solutions. 

“To solve the current global ‘energy trilemma,’ the world needs an energy mix that relies more on wind, solar, and nuclear power. With our deep expertise in engineering and energy solutions, KBR is positioned to help our valued customers – partners like the CrossWind JV – drive the energy transition.”

CrossWind won the tender for the subsidy-free offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust (Noord) in the Netherlands in 2020.

The company said that the wind farm would go online in 2023 and would have an installed capacity of 759 MW, generating at least 3.3 TWh per year.

Dutch offshore installation firm Van Oord said mid-October 2022 that it had started the construction of the offshore wind farm by installing the first monopile.

Hollandse Kust Noord is located 18.5 kilometres off the west coast of the Netherlands near Egmond aan Zee. The monopiles are the foundations of the wind turbines. Over the next few months, a total of 70 monopiles will be installed.

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