PXGeo 3D Seismic contracted for the Itapu area  

Petrobras to start the 3D Nodes Marine Seismic Survey Activity in the Itapu field, located in the Santos Basin. The works will be carried out approximately 174 kilometers from the coast, in a water depth of 1,600 meters. The acquisition of seismic data will be conducted by the company PXGeo do Brasil.

Itapu is a Transfer of Rights field, 100% owned by Petrobras. In 2019, the state-owned company alone bought the surplus from the transfer of rights in the area, which operates under the sharing system. In July 2021, Petrobras and PPSA signed the Co-participation Agreement for the Itapu field, which will regulate the coexistence of two contracts: the Transfer of Rights Agreement and the Surplus Production Sharing Agreement for the field.

According to assessments made so far, the total recoverable volume of Itapu could reach 669 million barrels of oil equivalent.

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