Petrobras on the bookbuilding of the commercial notes

– Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, in continuation of the notice released on 08/19/2022, hereby informs that it was concluded, on this date, the bookbuilding procedure of the 1st issuance of book-entry commercial notes (Issuance), without collateral and personal guarantee, in up to two series (Book-entry Commercial Notes), subject to public distribution, with restricted distribution efforts, under mixed regime of firm guarantee and best placement efforts, pursuant to CVM Rule No. 476, of January 16, 2009, as in force (CVM Rule 476) and other applicable laws and regulations (Offering), resulting the total issue amount of three billion Reais (BRL 3,000,000,000.00), in two series. 

The table below presents a summary containing the final conditions obtained and the allocation of the Book-entry Commercial Notes between the series of the Issuance:

Series1st Series2nd Series
TypeBook-entry Commercial NoteBook-entry Commercial Note
Maturity DateFebruary 25, 2030August 25, 2032
Final Rate
(after bookbuilding)
CDI + 1.65% per yearCDI + 1.90% per year
Amount Allocated (BRL)1,800,000,000.001,200,000,000.00
Number of Book-entry Commercial Note Allocated1,800,0001,200,000

The final settlement of the transaction is arranged to take place on September 14, 2022.

The Issuance Agreement and any amendments thereto will be available on the Company’s website (

This notice is exclusively informative, under the terms of the legislation in force, and should not be interpreted or considered, for all legal purposes and effects, as sales and/or disclosure material for the Commercial Notes and/or the Offering.

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