Petrobras receives operating license for Rota 3

The Brazilian Institute of the Environment (Ibama) granted the operating license for the shallow maritime and terrestrial sections of the Rota 3 gas pipeline. As a reminder, the Rota 3 Integrated Project covers the gas pipeline and the Natural Gas Processing Unit of the Gaslub Hub.

Rota 3 has a total length of approximately 355 km, with 307 km referring to the maritime stretch and 48 km referring to the land stretch. The deepwater section of the gas pipeline is 297 km long, between water depths of 58 meters and 2,190 meters. In turn, the shallow water part is installed in a water depth that starts at a depth of 58 meters, with about 10 km in length.

The flow from Rota 3 will be approximately 18 million m³ of gas per day. The gas that will be drained through the line will be treated at the gas treatment unit of Gaslub, which will have the capacity to drain and process 21 million cubic meters per day of natural gas from the pre-salt pole of the Santos Basin.

Petrobras is still reassessing the start date of the Integrated Rota 3 Project. This is because the Kerui-Método consortium, responsible for the construction of the gas processing unit, laid off 2,000 people. As a result, work at the construction site is paralyzed, with only activities being carried out to preserve equipment and facilities. Previously, there was an expectation that Rota 3 could come into operation in the second half of the year, but that schedule went down the drain because of problems at the project.

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