Wood Thilsted Wins Offshore Wind Engineering Work in U.S.

(OE) Engineering consultancy Wood Thilsted has been appointed as a detailed design engineer for US Wind’s MarWin project, the company’s first offshore wind project to be constructed off the coast of Maryland, U.S..

Apart from being responsible for the delivery of the detailed foundation design for MarWin, Wood Thilsted will also be supporting the development of Momentum Wind, US Wind’s second offshore wind project, and providing other technical support as needed by US Wind. 

Wood Thilsted will also be assisting US Wind in the development of monopile production facility Sparrows Point Steel by providing technical specifications, application of codes and standards, and general engineering support to the design of the facility. 

As part of the detailed design for MarWin, Wood Thilsted will be working with US Wind to maximize the local fabrication of secondary steel – internal and external platforms, boat landings, ladders and walkways – bringing more offshore wind jobs to the region, the company said.

“Wood Thilsted’s engineering work on both MarWin and Momentum Wind will not only ensure the effective delivery of 1.1 gigawatts (GW) of clean, renewable energy for homes and businesses across the Delmarva region but will also make the region a major hub for offshore wind development.” Wood Thilsted said.

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