Bureau Veritas launches service that facilitates and speeds up the environmental licensing process for the implementation of Offshore Wind Farms in Brazil

Bureau Veritas launches Balcão Único (One-Stop Shop), a service that facilitates and speeds up the environmental licensing process for the implementation of Offshore Wind Farms in Brazil and offers all the necessary support for companies interested in operating in the sector. The number of projects in the sector has risen 200% in the last year and obtaining an environmental license, which previously depended only on one agency, now passes through 11 other departments and regulatory entities, a scenario that makes the entire licensing process more complex.

“Bureau Veritas was born in the maritime sector and for almost 200 years has been contributing to the growth and sustainable development of its clients, with its experience in international projects and deep knowledge of the national maritime industry. Brazil has enormous potential for the production of Wind Energy and offshore parks bring great advantages, such as taking advantage of regular winds and a greater capacity factor”, says Márcio Pereira, director of Maritime and Offshore at Bureau Veritas.

The Bureau Veritas One-Stop Shop gathers, in a simple and objective way, the demands required by Decree No. 10,946, published at the beginning of the year. Companies interested in operating in the sector need to obtain the Declaration of Prior Interference (DIP) in 11 regulatory bodies and entities. Each entity has specific criteria and its own standardization of presentation of the required documents, which makes the process complex. The service includes analysis of documentation, review and recommendations for greater robustness of projects and monitoring of the process for a prompt response to the respective Terms of Reference (TR).

Brazil has a great differential to lead the Offshore Wind Energy market, starting with its extensive coastline, with a coastline of approximately 7,300 kilometers, an ocean surface equivalent to half of Brazil, combined with more regular winds that help to reduce the costs of generation and higher efficiency of wind turbines. Market data shows that the first offshore wind farms are expected to be built from 2027, starting in 2030.

Bureau Veritas is an international reference in the main energy markets, operating in more than 90 international offshore wind farm projects in the last 12 years, assisting companies in the review, certification and management of offshore projects, operational asset management and support in all stages that make up the life cycle of a wind farm.

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