Petrobras to invest U$220 million in maintenance of platforms in the Campos Basin

Petrobras is carrying out a campaign of maintenance and production stoppages on its platforms in the Campos Basin. In 2022 alone, there will be five campaigns, which will extend until 2023, with an investment of more than US$ 220 million and the creation of two thousand jobs. During the shutdowns, the company is using the so-called Maintenance and Security Units (MSU), a kind of floating hotel that has workshops used for services aimed at integrity, preservation, legal compliance and security.

Petrobras has already concluded the campaign on the P-51 platform. Now, maintenance and scheduled shutdown activities are underway on the P-53 and P-43, with completion scheduled for July. Also in 2022, the stages of executing campaigns on the P-48 and P-40 platforms will begin. In addition to the MSU, Petrobras’ Campos Basin Exploration and Production Unit (UN-BC) will use, as of August 2022, a small accommodation-type vessel for smaller scope works.

“In these campaigns, suppliers and partners work together with the company from planning, supplying materials to the delivery of each critical service. In addition to structuring the planning, the management team takes care of its execution, monitoring and control, and counts on the work of internal support managements and professionals on board the maritime units. The cycle of a major maintenance and scheduled shutdown project takes, on average, two years, from the designation of the project team, initiation, planning to implementation and closure.

An MSU is capable of housing about 500 workers who work in campaigns or scheduled shutdowns of maritime units in operation. These units are connected to the platforms that are undergoing maintenance through an articulated bridge (gangway), allowing the safe movement of workers, who return to MSU  for overnight stays and meals.

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