Ocyan signs a contract with Solstad Offshore

Ocyan has signed a contract with Solstad Offshore for the charter of a “Normand Cutter” construction support vessel. The purpose is to enable Ocyan to participate in several projects in the segment and the first of them will be the contract for the decommissioning of the subsea systems of 3 FPSOs, recently won from Petrobras by the company in the first half of this year.

“Having this vessel in our fleet opens up a window of opportunity for new subsea construction contracts. From now on, we can look for new projects that require the boat as a work tool and other clients will be able to look for us for various services in the construction activity”, celebrates Rafael Guigon, Director of Subsea Construction Contracts at Ocyan.

According to the executive, adaptations to this vessel will be necessary. Some of them will be carried out in Brazil, such as the commissioning of the storage system; and others abroad, such as the installation of a system for collecting and launching flexible ducts. “The boat will be available to start the execution of the decommissioning contract, won by Ocyan, between December of this year and January of 2023, meeting the original contract schedule. After this mobilization stage, the vessel will be able to carry out projects for launching and collecting flexible pipelines in Brazil”, he highlights.

The vessel’s structure is 127.5 meters long and has a 300-ton crane with a vertical motion compensator (heave, as it is known in the business), and will feature a 150-ton flexible pipeline launch system and storage. of up to 1,250 tons of these same pipelines. The boat’s occupancy capacity is for a crew of up to 114 people.

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