Ocyan signs new Petrobras offshore maintenance and services contract

Ocyan, a Brazilian company operating in the offshore oil and gas industry, signed a new Petrobras contract for the provision of construction & assembly and maintenance services for the replicant FPSOs P-66, P-67, P-68, P-69 and P- 70. The contractual term is four years, with the possibility of extension for another two years. This new contract will help the company’s offshore maintenance and services business to double in size and consolidate its leadership position in this segment in the Brazilian market.

“We have reached a level of expression within the offshore maintenance and services chain. Ocyan has been evolving and the results appear with the three contracts signed since the beginning of last year. Today we have a relevant representation in terms of market share in Brazil, with around 15% to 20% in relation to large global contracts, especially when we talk about the Santos Basin, where we will have a large presence”, highlights Vinicius Castilho, director responsible for Ocyan’s Offshore Maintenance and Services business.

Among the main activities provided for in this contract are the maintenance and repair services of the units, including, but not limited to, the planning and execution of boiler services, welding, painting, electrical and instrumentation, equipment maintenance, among others.

The five replicating FPSOs operate in the Tupi, Berbigão and Atapu fields. The units have the capacity to individually produce 150,000 bpd and compress 6 million m³/day of gas.

“Our portfolio has increased significantly and as a result we will generate more job opportunities, with approximately 2,000 workers by December 2022. New hires continue to take place, and we are very committed to meeting all agreed contractual deadlines, always focusing on in excellence and operational safety allied to our expertise”, celebrates Castilho.

According to Vinicius, Ocyan works to perform well on existing contracts, two of which were obtained last year, and seeks to diversify clients, with a commercial agenda that includes international players and other national and independent companies.

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