Petrobras cancels McDermott contract to supply rigid risers in Tupi and studies use of flexible lines

A setback in a process for contracting rigid risers by Petrobras. The company announced this week that it has canceled the contracting of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) services for subsea rigid lines (SURF). The pipelines would be used in the initiative called “WAG Full Field of the Tupi Field” by Petrobras, which consists of converting 15 water injection wells to water or gas injection wells.

According to Petrobras, the company that won the tender, McDermott, refused to sign the contract after three attempts. “We are now analyzing the economic impact we will have for Petrobras and the actions we will take in relation to administrative aspects and compensation”, said the director of production development at Petrobras, João Rittershaussen.

Petrobras’ idea with the WAG Full Field project is to increase the oil recovery factor of the Tupi field through the alternating injection of water and gas. “The project originally envisages the installation of rigid risers on existing platforms to enable this injection. The company that won the bid refused to sign the contract, in disagreement with the parameters of the public notice”, explained Rittershaussen.

The Petrobras director also said that there is an opportunity to include rigid risers in some other contracting process. Another alternative under evaluation would be to convert these wells using flexible risers. “For the future, we are re-evaluating the project”, concluded Rittershaussen.

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