Sapura will soon start the execution of a new contract signed recently with Petrobras. The shipping company will operate the PLSV Sapura Diamante vessel in the Santos basin, working mainly on the installation and recovery of flexible pipelines in ultra-deep waters until 2025.

According to Sapura, the vessel loaded with around 3,000 tons of lines will start operating in four projects in a row. This volume is one of the largest shipments of pipelines the company has ever made in its history. The Sapura Diamante will carry an additional 17 reels of umbilical lines.

The next Sapura Diamante project will be developed in the Atapu field, in the Santos Basin, about 200 km off the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in a water depth of 2,300 meters. “Sapura has always been a company that likes new challenges. We are going to start this contract with the same commitment that we have had since the company’s inception”, said the manager of the Sapura Diamante vessel, Victor Cruz.

The company’s Special Projects Manager, Marcos Adriano, highlighted the importance of the new contract with Petrobras. “We are very happy, no doubt about it. These are more complex projects than the ones we had been carrying out before. With the high capacity of our carousels for the storage of lines, these vessels become essential in activities involving great depths and, therefore, they ask for projects with higher loads”, he declared.

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