Petrobras clarifies about pieces of news in the media

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras informs that its Strategic Plan 2022-26 (SP 2022-26) is under preparation. Following the previous years, in SP 2022-26 the Company intends to present its production curve, the plan’s financing, as well as the investment projection (CAPEX), including the amount to be spent each year and the main projects to be developed. It is worth noting that these numbers are still being prepared and are subject to the Company’s internal governance. Once approved, the SP 2022-26 will be disclosed to the market.

Regarding the Equatorial Margin, Petrobras has vast experience in the area. The Company has robust environmental and emergency response programs, rigorously complies with legislation and all the requirements of environmental agencies for the licensing process, which is in progress.

Petrobras continues to maximize the value of its portfolio, focusing on deep and ultra-deep waters, acting ethically and transparently, with safety in its operations and respect for people and the environment.

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