Ocean Edge Services backs subsea ops off Guyana

Ocean Edge Services has entered into an agreement with Atlantic Marine Supplies to support the needs of existing and new subsea operations in Guyana.

The agreement comes as part of the need for servicing offshore oil production needs in Guyana, Ocean Edge Services said.

According to the company, the vast potential of the Stabroek Block and other possible discoveries off the coast of Guyana require products, services, and expert local support.

“There are six drillships active right now in the Stabroek Block, and crude oil exports in quantity are leaving Guyana for the first time to markets like the Netherlands and China,” said Ocean Edge Services COO Raouf Hadad.

“The startup of Liza Phase 2 production is targeted to begin just months from now in early 2022. The development of these reserves is important not only for world markets, but for the economy and prosperity of Guyana and the Guyanese people.”

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