Petrobras clarifies about piece of news published in the press

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras regarding the pieces of news published in the press clarifies that as a result of its strategy and commitment to generating value, in 2021, it has already distributed R$ 10.3 billion in dividends, of which R$ 3 billion were assigned to its controlling shareholder.

Additionally, from January to June 2021, its contribution to the Brazilian society, in the form of taxes paid by the Company and withheld by third parties, was R$ 76.7 billion, an amount of R$ 14.1 billion higher than the same period of 2020. 

Petrobras also has several actions related to the social responsibility area, with emphasis on: (a) actions to promote early childhood education; b) fostering entrepreneurship, economy, and professional qualification, contributing to the generation of employment and income; (c) conservation of coastal species and ecosystems; (d) conservation and restoration of forests, protection of biodiversity and climate change adaptation, with social and environmental benefits, and (e) encouragement of environmental education, prioritizing early childhood.

Petrobras continues to adopt the practice of selling prices in balance with competitive markets. Sensitive to the social impact of cooking gas (LPG), actively contributes to discussions within the Ministry of Mines and Energy regarding possible programs aimed at vulnerable families. There is no definition regarding the implementation and the amount of participation in possible programs. Any decision will be subject to the governance approval and in accordance with the Company’s internal policies.

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