Seadrill and China Union took the lead in Petrobras’ bid to charter new rigs aimed at depth of 2,400 m of water. The Norwegian drilling company had the lowest price on lot A, which required a unit equipped with MPD, while the Chinese had the best offer on lot B, intended for a simple rig.

The preliminary classification of the bid was released by Petrobras, on the Petronect website, a few days after the opening of the bids, held on June 11th. Seadrill took first place in lot A, offering the drillship West Tellus, with a total price of US$ 161,655,841.51, while China Union took the lead in lot B, with a price of US$ 185,206,970 .61 for Dalian Developer.

Even having released the preliminary classification, the bidding committee will evaluate the proposals received and then disclose the official result of the process. The rigs chartered in the tender will be allocated to the Buzios project, with a focus on production development campaigns.

Interest in the bidding was great. Petrobras received a total of 23 proposals, 11 for lot A and 12 for lot B, sent by seven companies.

15 rigs were offered in the tender, some of them presented in two lots. In addition to Seadrill and China Union, the event was disputed by Ventura, Constellation, Valaris, Ocyan and Transocean.

In both lots A and B, Petrobras did not specify the number of rigs to be contracted. The notice mentions the chartering of one or more drilling units.

Seadrill presented the three best prices for lot A, also offering the West Carina and West Jupiter rigs. In lot B, the Norwegian company was just behind China Union.

The values ​​of the proposals offered for the rigs with MPD ranged between US$ 161,655,841.51 and US$ 244,200,304.10. In lot B, prices ranged from US$ 185,206,970.61 to 288,543,134.18.

The units chartered in the tender will have to be available as of 2022. The contracts are intended to rebuild part of the oil company’s fleet, with four contracts ending in 2021 and ten next year.

Lot 1 requires the rigs to be ready for operation in September 2022, with a charter term of 1,095 days, and may be terminated in advance from 580 days. In the second batch, the start-up date determined by Petrobras was set for December 2022, and the charter term will be 1,040 days, with an early termination option from 760 days of operation.

The bid notice was published in February.

Below, PetróleoHoje publishes the details of the proposals presented:

Classification of proposals:

Lot 1 – Rig with MPD (US$)

1 Seadrill – West Tellus 161,655,841.51

2 Seadrill – West Carina 169,340,117.00

3 Seadrill – West Jupiter 177,024,391.65

4 Constellation – Amaralina 183,236,011.66

5 Ocyan – ODN-I 204,424,664.07

5 Ocyan – ODN-II 204,424,664.07

7 Constellation – Brava 216,855,166.40

8 Valaris – DS 16 228,971,070,97

8 Valaris – DS 09 228,971,070,97

8 Valaris – DS 17 228,971,070,97

11 Transocean – Deep Orion 244,200,304.10

Lot 2 – Rig without MPD (US$)

1 China Union – Dalian Developer 185,206,970.61

2 Seadrill – West Tellus 195,708,599.32

3 Seadrill – West Carina 204.361,789.42

4 Seadrill – West Jupiter 207.252,214.99

5 Ventura – DS Carolina 217,278.851.32

6 Ventura – SSV Victoria 223,399,751.33

7 Constellation – Amaralina 231,231,293.98

8 Valaris – DS 08 239.468,008.14

9 Constellation – Brava 242,846,494.17

10 Ocyan – ODN-I 270,566,251.13

10 Ocyan – ODN-II 270,566,251.13

12 Transocean – Deep Orion 288,543,134.18

Source: Petronect

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