(PetroNoticias) The English company Marin Holding International hired the law firm Luzone Legal, specialized in the business area and in the oil and gas sector, to sue Petrobras for possible losses arising from the services provided by the vessel, Vitoria 10,000. As a reminder, the case is one of the most emblematic in the oil and gas sector because it involves a corruption scheme between Schahin and Petrobras, involving directors of both companies, as shown in the criminal proceedings.

Negotiations for the signing of contracts for the operation of Vitória 10,000 were initiated between the Schahin Group and the international area of ​​Petrobras, when the state-owned company opted to use Vitória 10,000 in the exploration of Block BM-S9, located in the Campos Basin, signing two contracts. One for chartering the ship, with Deep Black Drilling LLP, offshore of the Schahin Group, and another for providing drilling services, with Schahin Engenharia. But an accident at the BOP and the RISER of the drillship paralyzed the entire operation, which was only resumed after the recovery of the equipment, carried out by Marin, a British company specialized in this type of service worldwide. Due to the unfolding of Operation Car Wash, at the time, Schahin failed to pay the entire service to Marin, in addition to having its bankruptcy decreed by the São Paulo courts.

According to the Federal Public Ministry, Schahin, in agreement with former Petrobras executives, committed crimes of corruption, fraudulent management of a financial institution and money laundering. The complaint also states that the directors of Banco Schahin granted a loan to José Carlos Costa Marques Bumlai, although the real recipient of the funds was the Workers’ Party, as a result of directing the hiring of the Schahin Group for the operation of Vitória 10,000. At the same time, directors of the Schahin Group reportedly paid bribes to managers in the international area of ​​Petrobras, in an account abroad.

With the interruption of the payments that Schahin received due to the operation of Vitória 10,000 and the subsequent takeover of this drill ship by Petrobras, the companies of the Schahin Group, which were already under judicial reorganization procedure, ended up having their bankruptcy decreed by the courts in Sao Paulo, causing losses to several creditors, including Marin. According to the lawyer Leandro Luzone, hired by the English company, Petrobras will be sued to compensate Marin’s losses precisely because it was an integral part of the corruption scheme: “Marin was the victim of a serious corruption scheme practiced by Schahin and Petrobras. Therefore, the state-owned company must be held responsible. The acts of his representatives caused a heavy loss to our client. ” The case of Vitória 10,000 will be judged by the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, which will decide whether or not the Brazilian state-owned company will be held responsible for the acts of corruption practiced by its executives in a process that may go through several years until it is concluded.

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