Halliburton and Optime Subsea forge global alliance

Oilfield services giant Halliburton has formed a global strategic alliance with Optime Subsea to jointly commercialize and deploy subsea interventions and controls.

The alliance entails applying Optime Subsea’s Remotely Operated Controls System (ROCS) to Halliburton’s completion landing string services, the alliance partners informed.

The companies will also collaborate and offer intervention and workover control system services leveraging Optime’s Subsea Controls and Intervention Light System (SCILS) technology, a remote digital enabled system that compliments Halliburton’s subsea intervention expertise.

Photo of Optime Subsea’s Remotely Operated Controls System (ROCS)
Optime Subsea’s Remotely Operated Controls System (ROCS) (Courtesy of Optime Subsea)

In addition, the alliance will provide umbilical-less operations and subsea controls for deep-water completions and interventions.

Halliburton said it will offer Optime Subsea’s technologies as a service across its global portfolio.

“We are excited to work with Optime and leverage their technologies within our existing subsea completions and intervention solutions”, said Daniel Casale, vice president of Testing and Subsea at Halliburton. “Our alliance advances remote capabilities and provides a capital efficient solution, allowing customers to reduce safety risk, operational footprint, setup and run-time”.

Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO of Optime Subsea, added: “We believe that strong mutual alliances across the vertical supply chain drives continuous improvements needed in our industry. By solidifying this relationship with Halliburton and combining their well-established, reputable service and technology capabilities with Optime Subsea’s innovative controls and intervention technology, more customers will have access to these cost-efficient subsea solutions”.

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