Artificial intelligence could reduce reservoir modeling step by 80%

Petrobras has developed an innovative data analysis platform, whose objective is to map the production potential of areas recently acquired by the company and portions of fields under development. Named the Analog Panel, the platform integrates a large volume of data obtained from oil reservoirs, enabling comparative analysis and information sharing.

The tool is part of the CÉOS strategic program, which aims to develop the best reservoir models ever built in the industry, in order to increase reserves, speed up processes, reduce risks and costs with data acquisition, in addition to anticipating the implementation of projects. To achieve this goal, CÉOS uses agile methodologies in the development of digital solutions and technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, to solve the problems associated with reservoir modeling, some of them representing the limit of knowledge. CÉOS, in Greek mythology is the titan of intelligence and knowledge.

CÉOS will accelerate reservoir processes, bringing gains to the PROD1000 strategic program, by accelerating the implementation of projects. PROD 1000 aims to reduce the time between the declaration of commerciality and the first oil to a thousand days. There is synergy between them, as they contribute to the solution of the risk factors and the dimensioning of the reservoir models. Both are the result of the intensive use of new technologies to optimize processes and operations, which increases efficiency and reduces costs, making projects more resilient to market and industry fluctuations.

The result of the first deliveries was an 80% reduction in the time of analysis and data consumption for the geological modeling of reservoirs, contributing to the anticipation of the production phase. By expanding and streamlining the offer of data on the fields, the company increases the assertiveness of decisions, with significant gains for the implementation and economics of production systems.

Initially, the gains refer to the sharing of information. Thousands of data on the dynamics of the reservoirs are acquired daily and the proposal is to allow, through Artificial Intelligence, that they are made available and analyzed in real time. This means giving geologists and geophysicists access to all existing information about the reservoirs mapped by the company. Thus, when starting to analyze the data of a new area acquired by the company, the specialist, through a search, visualizes which Petrobras fields have similar characteristics, which solutions were adopted and the lessons learned.

The Analog Panel also allows the analysis of information to be enhanced with visual and statistical tools for consultation and exploration of reservoir data. Through Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the tool suggests to the geologist the best parameters to be incorporated into his analysis. The idea is to capture large and complex data patterns and, through the tool, process this volume of information, in addition to delivering results in a faster and more assertive way, extracting the maximum potential from the data.

Petrobras is also developing the EXP100 strategic program that aims to eliminate the need for drilling exploratory wells to confirm oil discoveries. The CÉOS and EXP100 programs have great synergy through the use of artificial intelligence to enhance the application of geoscientific data in E&P projects, providing disruptive tools to geophysicists, geologists and reserve engineers.

Source: Petrobras

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