Entry and permanence of foreigners on vessels and platforms has changed rules

The National Immigration Council published a text that updates Normative Resolution 6, aimed at regulating seafarers and other foreigners on vessels. The rules have not changed since the Migration Law came into force in 2017.

“These are significant changes that amplify and clarify common doubts of companies that work with vessels and offshore platforms. In a way, it is a relief, because it previously reduced the common legal uncertainty ”, says Diogo Kloper, Rio de Janeiro manager for Fragomen (the largest and oldest migration company in the world).

Among the main changes is the inclusion in the eligibility rules of all professionals working on board a foreign vessel, whether they are service providers or crew, for residence authorization. Before, only crew members of continuous activity were included in these rules.

The resolution also clarifies and details the documentation for the regularization process such as criminal records in the country of origin, in addition to establishing the maximum number of foreign workers on the vessels. The period and deadlines for authorizations have also become clearer.

“Undoubtedly, the changes are a step forward and are in line with what experts and companies expected. With the arrival of more and more foreign companies in this market, changes were necessary ”, explains Kloper.

Source: TNPetroleo

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