Petrobras readies new hires involving the next Petrobras platforms for the Brazilian pre-salt. In particular, the contracts related to the three future units that will be installed in the Búzios field (P-78, P-79 and FPSO Almirante Tamandaré), in the Santos Basin. In the next six months, the state company plans to launch tenders for the supply of rigs, well services and subsea collection and export systems for these three projects. In addition competition is already underway to contract the wet Christmas trees that will be installed in these developments.

When looking at all the FPSO projects that are currently being bid on by the company, a considerable number of new equipment and services appear that will be contracted by Petrobras for these vessels. Today, the state-owned company is bidding for the aforementioned P-78, P-79 and FPSO Almirante Tamandaré. In addition to these, bids for Mero 4, Itapu and the Parque das Baleias units are also underway. If we consider the numbers of a typical pre-salt project, released by Petrobras, these six new platforms will require around 90 new wells, 90 wet Christmas trees, 12 drilling rigs, 6 manifolds, in addition to support vessels for launching lines.

The market always looks forward to the hiring of goods and services by Petrobras. We are talking about a legion of more than 19 thousand companies, which today are part of the supplier base of the oil company. In 2019, for example, Petrobras had an expenditure of US$ 52 billion in business with supplier companies, a volume of investments that is distributed in 730 contracts for goods and another 11.7 thousand service contracts. These are data that give dimension to the greatness of the numbers that the state company moves in this chain.

Other area that should offer good deals to the supply chain is the decommissioning area. Petrobras plans to deactivate 18 platforms, undersea gas pipelines and offshore wells between 2020 and 2024, with investments reaching US$ 6 billion. The largest volume of funds will be concentrated in 2021, when the company plans to disburse about US$ 2.3 billion over the period.

Looking ahead, the Hiring Plan for the 2020-2022 horizon of the state-owned company foresees the signing of more than 4,300 contracts, according to accounts made by the oil company. It is also true that, despite the still huge numbers, Petrobras’ investment plan for the coming years is much smaller now than at the beginning of the year, before the Covid-19 crisis. The Exploration and Production (E&P) segment, which always receives the largest share of resources, had a cut that could reach 38%. There will be between US $ 40 billion and 50 billion for 2021-2025, compared to US $ 64 billion announced in the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.

Even so, supplier companies in Brazil and in the world live the expectation of better days, after the coronavirus earthquake, which affected the foundations of the oil companies’ investment plans. In 2019, according to energy research firm Rystad Energy, financial commitments from operators totaled $ 190 billion. Now, in 2020, that number is expected to drop to $ 53 billion. However, the scenario should not take long to show signs of recovery. Rystad estimates that the financial sanctions for oil companies should return to the level of US $ 100 billion already in 2021, mainly supported by offshore projects – a segment that will account for US $ 64 billion in the year.

Source: PetroNoticias


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