For the first time, Operation Lava Jato investigates the Exploration and Production sector at Petrobras. The Federal Police carried out 25 search and seizure warrants in the 75th phase of the operation, named Boeman – a reference to the mythical creature from Holland popularly known as the bogeyman. Twenty warrants are being fulfilled in Rio de Janeiro, two in Macaé, one in São Paulo, one in Aracaju and one in Sergipe. The investigation investigates crimes of corruption, evasion of foreign exchange and money laundering during the contracting, by Petrobras, of  supply launching vessels (PLSV). Contracts for construction and subsequent use on an eight-year charter regime totaled U$2.7 billion. These contracts were signed by the Seadrill group, among which contracts signed through the company Sapura. The breach of bank secrecy of accounts maintained by those investigated abroad also revealed the payment of these operators to two top Sapura executives, one linked to Sapura in Brazil and the other in Malaysia.

The Federal Police found that lobbyists who worked with Petrobras employees and obtained privileged information from the company’s technical sectors to obtain an advantage in the formulation of the winning bid proposals. The Federal Public Ministry says it has found evidence that the investigated companies hired intermediaries who paid up to 1.5% of the contract value as a bribe: According to the Federal Police, “the foreign companies winning the bidding subcontracted a Dutch company to perform the bid service , represented by one of the investigated Brazilian entrepreneurs, who also made illicit payments to those involved ”. Sought by Petronoticias, Seadrill promised to release an official note today.

Source: PetroNoticias

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