Dynamic Panel of Daily Production of Oil and Natural Gas is launched by ANP

Sept 8, 2020

The Panel uses a business intelligence (BI) tool to present daily production information for wells, fields and installations. The new panel, with daily data, complements the Dynamic Panel for the Production of Oil and Natural Gas, launched by the ANP in 2019, which brings consolidated monthly data.

By presenting daily data, the new panel allows verifying the fluctuation of production in a given field, installation or well within the same month, using tables and graphs.

In all cases, users can apply filters, such as time period and level of detail of the information – for example, by basin, field, platform and well.

The daily production panel uses the ANP Production Inspection System (SFP) as the source, through which operators send measured volumes and daily raw production data, with a deadline of up to three business days for shipment. These data are audited by the Agency in order to guarantee their reliability. If companies need to make further adjustments, the data will be automatically updated on the panel.

The Dynamic Production Panel, which has been available since 2019, uses the Monthly Production Bulletin as a source, a document produced by operators with consolidated data per month, sent until the 15th day of the following month, without demonstrating the daily variation. The tool provides monthly and annual data on oil and gas production, use of gas, maps and indicators, with the possibility of several filters. This information, in turn, allows long-term comparisons and the visualization of historical evolution.

Source: TN Petróleo Newsroom, ANP Agency

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