Bureau Veritas develops new solution for decommissioning offshore assets

Aug 11, 2020

The Bureau Veritas Group, a world leader in Tests, Inspections and Certification (ICT), has developed new resources for the Digital Twin technology and for the asset management process for application in the decommissioning of ships, floating units, fixed platforms and subsea structures. The solution meets the principles of ANP Resolution 817/2020, allowing greater efficiency in projects and management of operations, with savings of up to 15% in investments.

“We have almost 200 years of activities in the Maritime area, always developing and adapting technologies and solutions that improve operational performance and meet the new realities of each time. Veristar AIM3D meets the challenges of the decommissioning projects for offshore assets planned in Brazil, offering better results in the entire operational and financial process “, analyzes Marcio Pereira, director of Bureau Veritas’ Maritime & Offshore division.

Developed in partnership with Dassault Systèmes, the system offers high efficiency value during the project and for management during the decommissioning of assets, creating a sustainable dynamic based on a comprehensive and multiphysical virtual model of floating units or fixed platforms. The company’s studies, developed through real data collected, show that it is possible to make savings of 9% to 15% of the total investments planned with the use of the digital tool, in addition to reducing costs by 14% in removing decks, 11% removing jackets and 19% removing submarine infrastructure. The platform allows the asset to be created and managed by the client or the Bureau Veritas team itself.

With the digital tool, Bureau Veritas expands its performance in the development of technological solutions in the offshore area. This solution is added to the services offered by the company, such as regulatory compliance verification, naval and submarine engineering support, risk analysis, support services for quality management, health, environment and safety (QSMS) and inspections. The solution covers all phases of the decommissioning project, from planning to monitoring activities in the field.

“In order to measure the economic impact provided by the solution, results analysis was carried out with the British Oil and Gas Authority. The figures indicated that the return on investment of Veristar AIM3D for smaller assets achieves savings of more than £ 2 million, while assets of up to 40 thousand tons, the economy jumped to more than £ 8.5 million “, exemplifies Marcio Pereira.

Source: TNPetroleo

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