Jul 30, 2020

Petrobrás currently has seven platform ships under construction, scheduled to enter operations between 2021 and 2023. Some of the works have managed to progress well despite the pandemic. Others not so much. This is the case of the FPSO Carioca, which will be installed in the Sépia field, in the Santos Basin. Work was at a slow pace during the second quarter. According to Petrobrás, the unit ended June with 88% of physical progress completed. At the end of the first quarter, this percentage was 87%. The platform ship, which will be chartered by the Japanese Modec, is being built in China, under the responsibility of the Bomesc and Cosco shipyards.

Modec is building another three units for the Brazilian state-owned company. The FPSO Guanabara, planned for the Mero field, advanced 6% in its physical progress, going from 80% in the first quarter to 86% in the second quarter. The vessel is also being developed in China, at the Cosco shipyard.

Meanwhile, the FPSO Almirante Barroso, which will be the fifth unit deployed in the Búzios field, was another unit with more timid physical progress – only 4%, going from 32% to 36%. Again, the works are carried out at the Cosco shipyard.

The FPSO Anitta Garibaldi, which is being prepared for the Marlim field, in the Campos Basin, had its works at a more intense pace. The unit advanced from 11% of physical progress in March to 31% at the end of June.

Leaving projects involving the Japanese company Modec, the other two platforms that are being built for Petrobras have made relatively considerable progress. The FPSO Anna Nery (Marlim field), which is being developed by Malaysian Yinson, went from 11% completion to 19%. Meanwhile, SBM Offshore’s FPSO Sepetiba reached 41% completion of work by the end of June – an 11% increase compared to March.

Source: PetroNoticias

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