Jul 27, 2020

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) launched this Monday (27) a new dynamic panel with information on decommissioning of facilities in Brazil. For this year, the tool has an estimated investment of R $ 5.5 billion in activities to deactivate oil and gas fields in the country. Most of these resources will be allocated to the Santos Basin, totaling R $ 2.7 billion.

Then comes the Campos Basin, with investments estimated at R $ 1.4 billion in the decommissioning segment. The list completes the Potiguar, Sergipe and Espírito Santos Basins, which together will receive resources in the order of R $ 1.2 billion.

Of the R $ 5.5 billion foreseen by the agency for this year, the demolition and abandonment of wells activities will receive the most attention and resources, totaling R $ 4.1 billion. Equipment removal operations will demand R $ 1 billion. Finally, recovery of areas and other activities should require R $ 400 million.

There are currently 72 Facilities Decommissioning Plans in Brazil (PDI). Most of them (51) have already been approved, while another 21 are awaiting analysis or response. By 2024, the ANP predicts that the decommissioning will result in investments of R $ 25.84 billion.

Source: PetroNoticias

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