Petrobras on Annual General Meeting

July 23, 2020

– Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras informs that the Annual General Meeting, started on 07/22, at 3:00 pm, and finished on 07/23, exclusively under the digital format, analyzed and approved, by majority vote, the following:

I.          Assessing the Management’s accounts, examining, discussing and voting on the Management’s Report and the Company’s Financial Statements,  with the report from the independent auditors and the Fiscal Council Report, for the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2019;

II.         Capital Budget for the fiscal year of 2020;


III.       Allocation of the Loss/Profit for the fiscal year of 2019;


IV.       Establishment of eleven (11) members for the Board of Directors;


V.        Election of eleven (11) members of the Board of Directors, if Item IV is approved, with one (1)  member    necessarily   elected  in  a   separate  vote already  held   by  the Company’s employees, by direct vote from their peers, according to Paragraph 1 of Article 2 of Law 12353, of December 28, 2010, one (1) member elected by the minority holders of common shares, in a separate election process (if a larger number is not  is not entitled to them by the process of multiple voting) and one (1) elected by the holders of preferred shares, also in the separate election process;


Elected by cumulative vote process

Mr. Eduardo Bacellar Leal Ferreira (elected by controlling shareholder)

Mr. Roberto da Cunha Castello Branco (elected by controlling shareholder)

Mr. João Cox Neto (elected by controlling shareholder)

Mr. Omar Carneiro da Cunha Sobrinho (elected by controlling shareholder)

Mr. Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva (elected by controlling shareholder)

Mr. Ruy Flaks Schneider (elected by controlling shareholder)

Mr. Nivio Ziviani (elected by controlling shareholder)

Mr. Leonardo Pietro Antonelli (elected by minorities shareholders)


Elected by the minority holders of common shares – separated election

Mr. Marcelo Mesquita de Siqueira Filho


Elected by the holders of preferred shares – separated election

Mr. Rodrigo de Mesquita Pereira 


Elected by Petrobras’s employees 

Ms. Rosangela Buzanelli Torres


VI.       Election of Mr. Eduardo Bacellar Leal Ferreira as Chairman of the Board of Directors;


VII.      Establishment of five (5) members for the Fiscal Council;


VIII.    Election of five (5)  members of the Fiscal Council and their substitutes as follows:


Elected by the Controlling Shareholder

Ms. Agnes Maria de Aragão da Costa (holder) and Mr. Jairez Elói de Sousa Paulista (substitute);

Mr. Sérgio Henrique Lopes de Sousa (holder) and Mr. Alan Sampaio Santos (substitute);

Mr. José Franco Medeiros de Morais (holder) and Ms. Gildenora Batista Dantas Milhomem (substitute).


Elected by Minority Shareholders Holders of Common Shares

Mr. Marcelo Gasparino da Silva (holder) and Mr. Paulo Roberto Evangelista de Lima (substitute).


Elected by the Shareholders Holding Preferred Shares

Mr. Daniel Alves Ferreira (holder) and Mr. Fabricio Santos Debortoli (substitute).


IX.       Establishment of the remuneration of the administrators, members of the Fiscal Council and members of the Advisory Committees to the Board of Directors under the terms of the Federal Government vote, following the guidance of the Secretariat for Coordination and Governance of State Companies – SEST, with a global remuneration limit for the period between April 2020 and March 2021: up to R$43. 343,436.91 to be paid to the management; up to R$1,235,599.05 to be paid to the Fiscal Council members; up to R$1,744,375.13 to be paid to the Statutory Audit Committee; up to R$2,791,000.21 to be paid to the Conglomerate’s Statutory Audit Committee; and up to R$1,395,500.11 to be paid to the other Statutory Advisory Committees of the Board of Directors.

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