July 3, 2020

Following its plan to increase digitization in its processes, Petrobras has hired a new satellite service and is already seeing the first positive results. According to the company, the change will allow a 75% reduction in transmission time between platforms, going from 600 to 150 milliseconds – less than the blink of an eye.

The service is already available on the P-68 and P-66 platforms in the Santos Basin. And the idea is to take the novelty to the other pre-salt units until February next year. According to the state company, the technology will be implemented in eight other vessels installed in the fields of Búzios, Lula, Berbigão and Atapu.

With the reduction in transmission time, Petrobras says that it will be possible to streamline the use of digital applications in real time, such as voice calls, videoconferences or operational elements, such as automation screens. In addition, the company will also be able to send higher quality data, such as high resolution photos or videos for remote analysis of valves or pumps in a unit.

The new service uses satellites that orbit the planet at medium altitude – about eight thousand kilometers. It would be as if the data transmitted were from Rio de Janeiro to Madrid, Spain, and returned to the municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

In the old method, satellites were located at an altitude of about 36 thousand kilometers. It was a distance that would represent a trip of almost two laps on Earth along the Equator to make the complete journey between platform, satellite and command center.

Source: PetroNoticias

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