Apr 14, 2020

Increased contingency at Petrobras. The company is serious about cutting people, reducing wages and stopping some activities. Almost 40 company platforms will stop producing oil and gas. The company sent a letter to Sindipetro informing about these actions. In the letter, the company offers three options to employees of the units that will be temporarily dismissed: internal relocation according to the company’s needs, adherence to the voluntary dismissal plan and individual dismissal by agreement. The question from the unions is about the company’s ability to retain the large number of employees who were left without activity, a volume of people that tends to grow even more.

The platforms are based in the Northeast, in the Campos Basin, Santos and Espírito Santo. Certainly non-production will turn into layoffs and staff shifts. Even so, these measures contribute to the goal of 200 thousand barrels less daily, announced to face the crisis. There are also expectations that other platforms will also stop production and that hundreds of employees will leave the company in the coming months. Petrobras expects a recovery in oil prices after OPEC cuts, but world demand is plummeting due to the Coronavirus does not encourage the market much.

The almost 40 platforms paralyzed so far, installed in shallow waters, add up to just over 10,000 bpd of production, equivalent to 5% of the cut target. In the Campos Basin, six units were paralyzed, which together add up to production of 5.4 thousand barrels per day (bpd), according to data from the bulletin released by the ANP. In Ceará and Piauí, nine will be disconnected in four fields, which represents 2.4 thousand bpd less. In Rio Grande do Norte, 24 will be paralyzed. Workers also report that there is a possibility of stopping the platforms P-43 and P-48, installed in the Barracuda Field, in the Campos Basin. That would be 43.5 thousand bpd less.

Source: PetroNoticias

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