APR 9, 2020

An SBM Offshore platform vessel, at the service of Petrobras, off the coast of Espírito Santo, recorded 53 cases of Covid-19 in workers on board the unit. The information was confirmed by the Brazilian state-owned company to the Secretary of State for Health of Espírito Santo.

Of the total infected, 29 have landed in the south of the state, in Anchieta, and were taken to a hotel in Grande Vitória. According to the state health department, the rest of those infected will be transferred to this same hotel.

All will be monitored by SBM Offshore and will go through a period of isolation. The Dutch company also sent us the following statement:

SBM Offshore confirms that a significant number of crew on board a ship in Brazil tested positive for COVID-19:

To ensure the privacy of individuals, the identity of the people or the vessel where they work will not be informed.
The health and safety of SBM Offshore customers, employees and suppliers are the company’s priority.
SBM Offshore confirms that a significant number of crew members from one of its offshore FPSOs in Brazil tested positive for COVID-19. They are receiving medical attention and being closely monitored.
Some people have already disembarked and are receiving medical assistance on land.
On board, preventive measures remain in place – such as social detachment and reinforcement of rules to increase hygiene inside the ship.
SBM Offshore maintains close contact with the Brazilian authorities and with the Petrobras client to manage the situation.
SBM Offshore has implemented a global response program that closely monitors the company’s operations in the world [this includes monitoring the crews in its fleet and managing special situations; protocols were implemented with respect to incident prevention and response and contingency plans were created]

Sought, Petrobras did not manifest itself until the moment of the last update of this report.

This report will be updated.

Source: PetroNoticias

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