Petrobras notified the presence of oil in Uirapuru

April 2, 2020

Petrobras notified the presence of oil in Uirapuru during the drilling of 1-BRSA-1373B-SPS, repetition of the first well drilled in the block, in the Santos Basin pre-salt, contracted in the 4th pre-salt sharing round.

  • Petrobras will also test the HISEP technology, which separates dense phases at high pressure, with the fluid produced by the Jupiter reservoir, in the Santos Basin pre-salt. The exploration of the BM-S-24 was postponed until a formation test was carried out in one of the Jupiter extension wells, as decided by the ANP.


  • HISEP has shown good results in the separation of oil and chains rich in CO2. The technology has undergone simulations and tests with a prototype installed by the Petrobras research center (Cenpes), at the Fortaleza Asphalt Plant, in Ceará – and can be used in Libra.

Source: epbr

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