ANP to survey marginal accumulations fields

Mar 18, 2020

Objective is to inventory and evaluate the conditions of wells and structures to include new assets in the Permanent Offer regime

The ANP reported that it is inspecting fields with marginal accumulations to include them in the Permanent Offer. The objective is to inventory and evaluate the conditions of the wells and other existing structures.

The first inspection was carried out on onshore assets in Barra do Ipiranga, Jacupemba, Mariricu Oeste, Nativo Oeste, Rio Barra Seca , Rio Ibiribas, Rio Itaúnas Leste and Rio São Mateus Oeste, located in the Espírito Santo Basin.

According to the regulatory agency, inspections will be carried out periodically, according to the availability of new areas with marginal accumulations that may be included in the regime.

Source: PetróleoHoje

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