Local Content Certification on items classified as material – ANP

March 13, 2020

Due to several questions recently received, the ANP clarifies that the certification of local content in items classified as material is prohibited by article 12 of ANP Resolution No. 19/2013 – except when it comes to an acquisition carried out directly by an exploration contract operator and production or when the materials are exported for incorporation into goods or systems of foreign origin or are used in the construction of goods or systems supported by the special customs regime of export and import of goods destined to the research and mining activities of oil and gas deposits natural gas.

The purpose is to avoid overloading the Local Content Certification System and imposing unnecessary costs on national suppliers, since the definition of these items is sufficient to verify the origin of their manufacture and the value contained in tax documents, or any unambiguous documents, as established in the Local Content Primer.

The established system does not cause any harm to the suppliers, since the Material of national origin is counted with 100% of local content when the certification of the good, set or system it integrates.

See ANP Resolution 19/2013.

Source: ANP

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