Petrobras oil workers suspend strike

Feb 21, 2020

Petrobras’ oil workers decided to suspend the strike. The announcement was made by the Single Petroleum Federation (FUP), which represents 13 unions of the category in the country. It is scheduled for this Friday, an audience between representatives of the category and Petrobras with Minister Ives Gandra, of the Superior Labor Court (TST).

The oil workers have been on strike since February 1, against the layoffs planned at Araucária Nitrogenados (Ansa / Fafen-PR), which belongs to Petrobras. According to FUP, a thousand jobs will be lost with the closure of the fertilizer plant, a decision made by Petrobras because the unit generates losses and has not aroused interest from buyers.

Petrobras informs that it plans 396 layoffs and offers indemnity agreements that include maintaining medical and educational assistance for a period. According to the president of the state-owned company, Roberto Castello Branco, other layoffs may occur, or not, since they refer to employees of companies hired by the oil company. FUP points out that the collective bargaining agreement provides for collective dismissals to be previously discussed with the union.

In 20 days of stoppage, the FUP says that the strike reached at least 121 Petrobras units, including 58 platforms. Despite this, Castello Branco said today that “not a drop” has stopped from being produced, since the company has hired contingency teams to maintain activities.

The shutdown ended up in court, and decisions by the Superior Labor Court and the Supreme Federal Court determined that 90% of the professionals continue in their functions during the strike. This week, TST Minister Ives Gandra Martins Filho declared the strike illegal for failing to comply with preliminary decisions.

Faced with the opening of a negotiating table in the TST, which will begin today , the FUP indicated late on the 19th the provisional suspension of the strike.

Source: Editorial Office / Agência Brasil


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