Resignation of the director general of ANP starts the race for the vacancy, which awakens political interests

Jan 17, 2020

The letter of resignation of Décio Oddone from the position of director general of the ANP, released on Wednesday (1/15), surprised the market and opened a new race for the vacancy.  The executive previously communicated the decision only to a select group of friends – even before the other directors of the agency, Aurélio Amaral, Cesário Cecchi and Felipe Kury.

Hours after the announcement, names like those of former IBP presidents, João Carlos de Luca and Jorge Camargo, and MME’s former executive secretary for Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels, Márcio Félix, already appeared on the betting list, as well  such as that of Carlos Langoni, economist responsible for drafting, for the government, the plan to open the Natural Gas market.

The sector’s preference for a market name contrasts with the history of choices and indications made by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque.  In a year of management, the strategy, in most cases, was aimed at the appointment of professionals from outside the sector, some of whom have an indirect connection with the Armed Forces.  So it was at PPSA and at the ministry itself, where he surrounded himself with Navy officers, albeit in non-technical positions.

At Petrobras, he appointed Admiral Eduardo Bacellar Leal Ferreira to chair the oil company’s Board of Directors.

In view of this, speculation is growing about a name coming from the high ranking officers of the Navy to direct the ANP, where there is the perception that Bento Albuquerque has been trying to mark territory.

On the other hand, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, projects names more linked to the market or of his confidence, such as Marcelo Pacheco dos Guaranys, current executive secretary of MME.

There is also the political race for the vacancy, especially from the DEM and MDB parties, with a line of possible nominees that includes sponsors and deputies.  In this line, it is commented, for example, that the current director Dirceu Cardoso Amorelli Junior, whose term of office expires in November 2021, would be interested in the vacancy and would be working behind the scenes, with his supporters, to occupy the position.

Whoever it is, the government will have to run out of time to expedite the appointment of the new ANP general director.  In addition to this chair, it will be necessary to choose, almost in the same period, a replacement for the director Aurélio Amaral, whose term ends at the end of March.

Even before the episode of Décio Oddone’s resignation, the MME showed no urgency to occupy strategic positions in its sphere.  Petrobras’ Board of Directors currently has two open positions, one of which has been waiting for a decision by the minister for months.

In an interview with TV this week, Bento Albuquerque mentioned that the intention is to choose the name of the new director general of the ANP in February.  In view of the previous referral procedures for regulatory agencies, it is to be expected that, in the best case scenario, the appointment and approval of the replacement for Oddone will take one to two months.

It is worth remembering that the procedure includes hearing in the Infrastructure Committee of the Federal Senate and approval in plenary.  This means that, in order to guarantee agility, the government will have to work behind the scenes to ensure the quick scheduling of the sabbatical.

Choosing a name to replace Décio Oddone at ANP is not an easy task.  It was not enough that the executive has made an important management in the eyes of the industry and is seen as the main link between the companies and the government of Jair Bolsonaro, there is the issue of the lack of attractiveness of the position and the demands required by the Law  Regulatory Agencies.

The salary of the director general of ANP is around R $ 16 thousand.  If the nominee is a civil servant, the remuneration may be a little higher, since the regulation provides that the chosen one keeps the original salary and receives 60% of the agency’s payroll.

Exit backstage

Décio Oddone’s decision to step down was informed to Minister Bento Albuquerque on Friday (1/10), at a meeting held in Rio de Janeiro.  Sources heard by Petróleo TODAY state that the executive intended to communicate the fact on January 6, but the meeting scheduled at MME headquarters to discuss other issues ended up being canceled.

People close to the director general of ANP attribute the early dismissal to professional dissatisfaction and do not rule out the possibility that the executive already has invitations in progress being sewn with the private initiative.

There is no doubt that the Jair Bolsonaro government imposed a new pace on the work of the ANP and the management of Décio Oddone.  While, under the tutelage of ex-ministers Fernando Coelho and Moreira Franco, the executive had carte blanche to act in most situations, Bento Albuquerque’s management model favors the strategy of creating working groups before making decisions.  It is also no secret that the climate in the ANP Executive Board was not the most harmonious, which, at times, triggered discussions and impasses among the directors.

On Oddone’s future, the chips fall on the oil companies.  In the market, there is the assessment that it will not be surprising if a large entrant, such as Petronas, has already invited you to run the company in Brazil.  In the event of a possible move to the private sector, the executive will have to comply with a six-month quarantine.

If confirmed, Oddone’s move to a large company in the sector will bury a statistic of more than two decades.  Since its creation in 1997, the ANP has not ensured the leverage in the career of its former high-ranking executives.

During his tenure, which began in late 2016, Oddone helped to resume the process of opening up the sector, with the holding of exploratory block auctions.  His term would end only in December, and he will remain in office until the government chooses his replacement.

Source: Petroleo Hoje

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